Consuming consciously requires reflection, knowledge and investigation. Something we all,
of course, want to do, but rarely do. But a service that without indebtedness serves you a sustainable choice, which is not an environmentally friendly option, but just what you want. Surely it sounds too good to be true? We also thought so, but nothing is impossible anymore – this is a service that will think for you.
— Jury's motivation

When a product is added to the shopping cart in any webshop, the plugin will feel if the same product is available on Blocket or Tradera, and lead you straight to the second hand option. The plugin is easily installed with one click in the browser.




Tele2 End-Up is a complete, optimized and ready-to-go company. The only thing missing is a great business idea. If you have one, the whole company can be yours.


Gas can give you a lot more than the one you are using on your stove. To prove this, we built a rather unique instrument together with the music producer Håkan Lidbo – a gas organ. Then we let the star shoot GRANT do a retake of her single "Waterline" with it.


To show that electric has gone Audi, we want to take back the idea of electricity back to its origin. To what once introduced the power to us.
The lightning. We cherish the untapped natural resource by setting up lightning rods in stormy places. 

Because lightning contains mighty power – and electricity – and we only need to catch a small amount of it in a battery. Electricity that we then fill into the first Audi e-tron before the virgin journey.


Mental illness of various kinds is the most common health problem, and by far the biggest cause of sick leave in Sweden. Four out of ten Swedes have ever suffered from or felt someone suffering from stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression or burnout.

In connection with The Stress-Free Day (May 28) – we wanted to remind people of this. 

The Stress-Free Day.jpeg