Hi there, I’m Claudia.


I like to write and to learn about anything, and luckily I work with just that as a Copywriter at TBWA Stockholm. Scroll down to have a look at some stuff. Häj!


Copywriter, TBWA Stockholm ‘18-present

Copywriter, Åkestam Holst ‘17-18

Content Editor, Round & Round ‘17 

Copywriting (distance course), Berghs School of Communication ‘16


2018 Eurobest Young Creatives – Country selection
2018 100-wattaren – Business-to-business campaign, TBA
2018 100-wattaren – Innovation, TBA 
2018 Cannes Young Lions – Digital competitor 
2018 Young Lions Sweden – Digital, winner



Medveten Konsumtion (Conscious Consumption) wanted to raise awareness about the effect consumption has on the environment. To do so, we created a browser extension that connects every webshop to the biggest second hand websites in Sweden, to see if there is a second hand and more sustainable alternative for the product you are looking at.

This idea won Young Lions Sweden 2018 (Digital) and a realisation of the idea is underway.

Art Director: August Laustsen
Copywriter: Claudia Cavalli



Going from an initial business idea to a fully operational company can be a long and risky path. Maybe that is why only 1/10 start-ups last in the long run. So, what if you could eliminate those critical first steps? Tele2 did just that by starting the world’s first End-Up. Like a start-up – but in reverse. A complete company, but with one thing missing: a great business idea. If you have one, the whole company can be yours.

Idea & Art Directors: Linus Bronge & Oskar Pernefeldt
Copywriter: Claudia Cavalli



Fictional case. In 2016 the immigration to Sweden increased with 163 000 persons. And according to scientists and politicians – language is the key to integration. Ikea can for many be the first step in their new country. Perhaps this is where you buy your first bed, reading lamp or frying pan. To simplify for new arrivals to integrate, we developed Ikea Buylingual.

This is how it works:

  1. When you go to ikea.com, you can choose whether you want to go to the Swedish-Arabic, Swedish-Tigrian or Swedish-Polish version (the three most common languages for new arrivals).

  2. The three language versions are in Swedish, but with helpers that shows sentence after sentence next to the mouse in the chosen language.

  3. You can immerse the descriptive text in the grey box through the learn more button that develops the text of the one who wishes to read on. Like having a friend that explains how the words and sentences can be used – in ways that internet otherwise can’t do.



Fictional case. Mental illness of various kinds is the most common health problem, and by far the biggest cause of sick leave in Sweden. Four out of ten Swedes have ever suffered from or felt someone suffering from stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression or burnout. In connection with The Stress-Free Day (May 28) – we wanted to remind people of this.