Going from an initial business idea to a fully operational company can be a long and risky path. Maybe that’s why 1/10 start-ups last in the long run. So, what if you could eliminate those critical first steps? Tele2 did just that by starting the world’s first End-Up. Like a start-up but in reverse. A complete company, but with one thing missing: a great business idea. 

Based on extensive research, we built a fully equipped, ready-to-go company. There’s optimal lighting to increase productivity, a meditation area, a suggested work force, synchronized breaks, ergonomic design furniture and the of course latest tech solutions from Tele2. The only thing missing is that everyone else starts with: what the company is supposed to do. The setup is simple. If you have a good business idea, the whole company (worth 200 000 Euros) can be yours.

Tele2 received more than 4300 applications in one and a half months, and the winning idea was announced in May 2018.


Idea & Art Directors: Linus Bronge & Oskar Pernefeldt
Copywriters: Daniel Vaccino & Claudia Cavalli


Like a start-up
- but in reverse