Eurobest Young Creative case. The 700 pages IPCC report has crucial and alarming information that all of us should be aware of, but it has small cut-through with the public and media as it’s very technical and scientific.

The task was to translate the report in a way that resonates and creates impact with the public across Europe. The idea should drive people to take action, specifically signing the petition. This will put pressure on governments to take action and change the regulations around coal energy policies.

Our solution: We need to reframe the report and turn the complicated information into stories that make people understand and care for it. To do so, we team up with the worlds best storytellers: authors, and let them rewrite different chapters from the report.

Introducing: IN OTHER WORDS


Art Director: August Laustsen
Copywriter: Claudia Cavalli


To launch the campaign, we’ll invite media and press to a chapter reading with one of the authors.
Where? At a place that recently has been damaged by climate change e.g: a forest after a fire.

The book reading will also be streamed on Facebook and Youtube Live.

By the end of the reading the author will encourage people to visit the campaign site inotherwords.com


At the campaign site people can get more information about the campaign and download the other chapters, written by other authors.

All it takes for them to download the different chapters, is that they sign a petition.


We’ll also create mini documentaries where the different authors visits places that has been damaged by global warming. In the videos they tell us how the visit has affected them, and their stories.


We spread the campaign through our own and the author's channels, which means that we reach millions of fans.

Besides sharing the authors chapter covers, we’ll also make a collection of short videos where the authors reads parts of their chapters.


But what about later? There’s always going to be a new report that deserves attention.

So, to take the campaign further in the future, we continue to collaborate not only with authors but also with comedians, musicians and other pop culture profiles.

Let’s make people understand what the hell is going on.